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Signature Masque - Mediterranean Mud Masque - Components are brilliantly combined with pure herbal extracts and essential oils, to cleanse, detoxify, and revive dull, congested skin.
50 Minute  115.

Collagen Treatment Masque - A luxurious treatment, boosting skin’s natural collagen production. 
50 Minute  105.

Seaweed Fortifying Masque - Synergy takes form with deep sea minerals, amino acids and proteins, improving oxygenation and circulation, while
detoxifying, firming, hydrating, and cleansing the skin.      
50 Minute  105.

Borrego’s Finest - Have a private consultation with our esthetician about your personal facial needs to formulate a facial treatment customized just for you.
50 Minute  115.

Vitamin C Vitalizer - Revitalize with this treatment; featuring nutrients that stimulate cellular activity, and protect the skin from free radical
50 Minute  105.

GloConditioning Hydrating - Soothing and moisturizing cleansing, pumpkin-enzyme exfoliation, and pure hydration gel balances moisture content of skin.
50 Minute  105.

GloConditioning Renewing - Softening and soothing cleansing, pumpkin-enzyme exfoliation, and renewal serum stimulates cell production, improving skin texture.         
50 Minute  105.

GloPurifying - Gentle gel cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, and oil controlling emulsion mattifies and lightly hydrates skin.                    
50 Minute  105.

GloClear - Oil-free, lightweight cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation and oil-free healing gel reduces redness and break outs.             
50 Minute  105.

GloProfessional Resurfacing -
-For dry, dehydrated and mature skin; this lactic acid treatment exfoliates, retains moisture and promotes softer, smoother skin.
-For oily, acneic skin; this salicylic acid treatment antiseptically exfoliates, deeply cleans pores, and aids in overall skin rejuvenation.     
50 Minute  115.

Exclusive Men’s Facial - Specifically created to address the needs of men’s skin.                     
50 Minute  105.

Aromatherapy 8.
Deep Heat Muscle Therapy 12.
Avocado Horsetail Scalp
Treatment (15 min) 25.
Poolside Cabana Massage Rental 30.
Mini Hand Massage 25.
Mini Foot Massage 35.

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